Air Taxis – The Most Important User Experience Challenges for Lilium

The quality of life of millions of commuters and travelers is affected daily by congested roads and long travel times. Thus, commuting by air taxi has enormous potential. Besides Lilium, several companies are currently positioning themselves to compete in this emerging market: Opener, Uber, Cora, Volocopter, Airbus, Ehang, Boeing und Dufour. The most convincing aircraft concept has been developed by Lilium: a quiet, vertical take-off jet. Lilium has set itself the goal of being not just an aircraft manufacturer, but also a mobility service provider by 2025. It is evident that a smart jet alone is not enough to ensure the successful entry into the market. Therefore, it is essential that the technically driven aircraft and infrastructure development is to be complemented with a holistic and sustainable user experience concept for realizing Lilium’s vision successfully. In my opinion, the following challenges have to be considered by Lilium in order to ensure a smooth user experience: