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In times of globalization, restaurants and hotel chains are facing the challenge of offering various beverage creations with consistent quality and identical taste to customers worldwide. Until today, it has been difficult for global fast food franchises to introduce new coffee products in their offering. This was due to the fact that they had to reset and re-label the machines as well as distribute updated marketing material. Furthermore, programmed recipes needed to be installed or reinstalled on individual machines. In order to realize a global and synchronized introduction of new beverages with only a few simple clicks, the Designaffairs team in cooperation with Nestlé developed an ecosystem of intelligent and connected machines.

With our application “Nestlé Professional Beverage Studio“ it is possible to manage, maintain and monitor machines of all kinds – worldwide. This includes the distribution of new recipes in line with accompanying marketing material which can be transferred directly to corresponding machines via telemetry. Detailed statistics provide a sound analysis for optimizing sales of beverages, maintenance of machines and site selection for restaurants. Moreover, there are associated messages regarding the ideal communication of machines, menus and beverages. It is even possible to grant privileged access to and create directories for employees and entire organizations.
Due to the global scale of beverage distribution, every company depends on employees with different language skills, education levels and responsibilities. In order to work efficiently, every vendor, branch manager, technician, scientist or global manager needs a customized application. Because we provide the right tools for every one of them, a convenient work flow is guaranteed.
With “Nestlé Professional Beverage Studio“ you are able to create new beverages and add them to an existing menu.

The created menu can be transferred directly to all machines via telemetry. The possibility to transfer various menus during different times of day offers high flexibility. The machine itself is equipped with several apps which support the vendor. Therefore, intensive training becomes obsolete. For example, cleaning the machine is explained by several short video tutorials.

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Project management, concept, design and implementation by Designaffairs:
Sandra Culafic
Holger Diehl
Judith Hoesel
Johannes Huber
Fabian Kreuzer
Sebastian Lukic
Alexander Peters
Andreas Rieger
YunYun Zhao

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